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Welcome, Ms. Wilkes!
Dickson Middle School will be a data driven team that provides each student with a
 rigorous curriculum while promoting cultural, physical, and social development within a safe environment.  We will strive for continuous improvement through collaboration and professional development while seeking parent and community involvement.


January 11, 2018

  • Schedule “B” today and “R” Dragon Time rotation
  • Don’t forget to bring a book/magazine to read on Thur. for SSR.
  • Report cards will go home Thursday, Jan. 11th during 7th period. When you receive your report card, please write your house name at the top. Remember they need to be signed and returned on Friday for it to count for your house. You will turn your signed report cards in to your 1st period class. Teachers, please send your stack of report cards to my office in room 106.
  • If the weather cooperates, these students will get lunch on Friday. If not, they will get it next Friday. THEY WILL NEED TO COME SEE ME IN THE OFFICE TO GIVE ME THEIR ORDER. Thanks!
    • Fredi Flores - perfect attendance except for 2 tardies
    • Bailey Patalano - perfect attendance
  • Girls softball will be having conditioning today until 5
  • Auditions for Dickson Middle School’s spring musical Guess What I Did Last Summer will be held next week. Audition times are from 3:15-4:45 on Tuesday, January 16th, Wednesday, January 17th, and Thursday, January 18th. Students should sign up in 10 minute increments. A sign up sheet will be posted outside the office. Additionally, students should pick up audition packets from the office. These packets give details on what is expected during the audition. Auditions will take place in the auditorium. Students wishing to be part of the stage crew do not need to pick up a packet. We will choose stage crew members in February.
  • The dates for talent show auditions are Saturdays January 27th and February 6th from 9-11.  A signup sheet will be placed outside the office later today.
  • The DMS Spelling Bee will be this Friday, Jan. 12th in the library @ 11:00
  • January 23 will be panoramic picture day. We will have house pictures made, so wear your shirts. These pictures will take the place of our team pictures that were done in the past. You will be able to purchase these.
  • Teachers, please have your bell ringer today be a snow dance!!
  • Have a wonderful day. Remember make it count, every student every day.




 Upcoming Events

Jan. 11
Report Cards Issued

Jan. 12
Spelling Bee

January 23
Panoramic Picture day